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Annual Physicals Specialist

Delmar Primary Care Associates

Dannie E. Williams, MD, MPH

Primary Care located in St. Louis, MO

An annual physical involves a comprehensive discussion with your doctor and a basic examination to evaluate your health. At Delmar Primary Care Associates in St. Louis, Missouri, Dannie Williams, MD, MPH, offers evaluations and helpful health advice in a comfortable, family-friendly setting. To book your next annual physical, call Delmar Primary Care Associates or request an appointment online today.

Annual Physicals Q&A

What is an annual physical?

Annual physicals, which you might know as check-ups, are visits to your doctor that happen once a year so you can check in on your health. They also give you an opportunity to re-evaluate your lifestyle in relation to your health.

You don’t have to be sick or have symptoms to visit Delmar Primary Care Associates for an annual physical: Instead, Dr. Williams goes over your medical history before performing a brief exam and a few simple tests to measure parameters of your health and wellness. A typical annual physical includes:

  • Vital signs measurements
  • Visual exam
  • Palpations to feel for organ abnormalities
  • Motor functions and reflexes check

Dr. Williams then discusses your lifestyle and can offer some helpful tips that might make you healthier over time, like dietary adjustments or getting more exercise. 

At some of your physical exams, Dr. Williams might order laboratory tests to check your blood chemistry. Screening tests and immunization updates may also happen during an annual physical. 

What are the benefits of getting annual physicals?

Scheduling a physical exam once a year might sound like an excessive number of doctor’s visits, especially if you’re generally healthy. However, annual physicals benefit you in more ways than you might think. Benefits of keeping up with annual physicals include:

  • Improving communication between you and your doctor
  • Early detection of signs of disease and better chances at successful treatment
  • Keeping your medical records up to date
  • Tailored guidance for improving your health
  • The opportunity to ask questions about your health and address concerns
  • Keeping track of your progress with treatment and lifestyle changes

Dr. Williams gets to know you better with each of your annual visits. She becomes familiar with your medical history and the vaccinations you need. By knowing your preferences and history, she is better able to recommend treatments that will work when you need them. 

How should I prepare for an upcoming annual physical?

Annual physicals don’t take much preparation on your part, but you should be sure that you have all the information you need to give to Dr. Williams during your appointment. You might need to write a few things down ahead of time or collect paperwork showing certain medical information or test results. You should bring:

  • A list of current medications and dosages
  • Any recent test results pertaining to your health
  • The contact information for other providers you’ve seen recently
  • The device card for any pacemakers or defibrillators you have

It’s important to be fully transparent while discussing your health and habits with Dr. Williams so she can give you the best possible personalized care. Don’t hesitate to mention habits like drinking or smoking, as it’s important for Dr. Williams to take note of these lifestyle factors while giving you care and advice. 

If you’re due for your annual physical this year, don’t hesitate to call Delmar Primary Care Associates or request an appointment online today.